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Genesis Chapter 21 Quiz


1. What was the name of the son born to Sarah and Abraham in Genesis 21?

a) Isaac

b) Ishmael

c) Jacob

2. Why did Sarah suggest that Hagar and Ishmael be cast out in Genesis 21?

a) Ishmael was a troublemaker.

b) Sarah was jealous of Hagar.

c) Sarah wanted Isaac to inherit.

3. How did God respond to Hagar's distress in the wilderness in Genesis 21?

a) He sent an angel to comfort her.

b) He provided water from a well.

c) He remained silent.

4. What did Abraham give to Abimelech as a witness of his ownership of a well in Genesis 21?

a) Gold

b) Seven ewe lambs

c) His staff

5. What feast did Abraham make for Isaac when he was weaned in Genesis 21?

a) Passover

b) Feast of Booths

c) Great feast

6. What did Sarah demand Abraham to do when she saw Ishmael mocking in Genesis 21?

a) Send Ishmael away

b) Punish Ishmael

c) Make Ishmael apologize

7. How did God reassure Abraham about Ishmael's future in Genesis 21?

a) He promised Ishmael a great inheritance.

b) He showed Abraham a vision.

c) He spoke to Hagar.

8. What did Abraham and Abimelech do to confirm their covenant in Genesis 21?

a) Shared a meal

b) Exchanged gifts

c) Built an altar

9. Where did Abraham plant a tamarisk tree and called upon the name of the Lord in Genesis 21?

a) Beersheba

b) Hebron

c) Mamre

10. What alliance did Abraham make with Abimelech in Genesis 21?

a) Military alliance

b) Trade alliance

c) Covenant of friendship

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