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Genesis Chapter 20 Quiz

Genesis Chapter 20 Quiz

1. In Genesis 20, what king took Sarah into his harem because Abraham said she was his sister?

a) Pharaoh

b) Abimelech

c) Melchizedek

2. Why did Abimelech take Sarah into his harem in Genesis 20?

a) Because she was beautiful

b) Because she was a relative of Abraham

c) Because he wanted to harm Abraham

3. What did God tell Abimelech in a dream about Sarah in Genesis 20?

a) That she was Abraham's sister

b) That she was a righteous woman

c) That she was married to Abraham

4. How did Abimelech respond to God's warning about Sarah in Genesis 20?

a) He ignored the warning.

b) He returned Sarah to Abraham.

c) He imprisoned Sarah.

5. What did Abraham say his relationship with Sarah was when Abimelech confronted him in Genesis 20?

a) She is my wife.

b) She is my sister.

c) She is my daughter.

6. What did Abraham receive from Abimelech as a gesture of goodwill in Genesis 20?

a) Gold and silver

b) Cattle and sheep

c) Land and servants

7. What did Abraham pray for on behalf of Abimelech and his household in Genesis 20?

a) Wealth

b) Healing

c) Offspring

8. How did Abimelech respond to Abraham's prayer in Genesis 20?

a) He rejected it.

b) He accepted it.

c) He did not respond.

9. What physical condition did God afflict the women of Abimelech's household with in Genesis 20?

a) Blindness

b) Barrenness

c) Leprosy

10. How did Abimelech discover that Sarah was Abraham's wife in Genesis 20?

a) God told him directly.

b) Sarah confessed the truth.

c) Abraham admitted it.

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