Saturday 1 June 2024

Genesis Chapter 22 Quiz


  1. Who was Abraham asked to sacrifice?

    a) Isaac
    b) Ishmael
    c) A ram
    d) Himself
  2. Where did God tell Abraham to go to offer the sacrifice?

    a) Mount Sinai
    b) The land of Moriah
    c) The desert of Paran
    d) The plains of Mamre
  3. What did Abraham carry with him for the sacrifice?

    a) Wood, fire, and a knife
    b) Gold, silver, and bronze
    c) Bread and wine
    d) A tent and provisions
  4. Who carried the wood for the burnt offering?

    a) Abraham
    b) A servant
    c) An angel
    d) Isaac
  5. What did Isaac ask his father on the way to the sacrifice?

    a) "Where are we going?"
    b) "How long will it take?"
    c) "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"
    d) "Why are we doing this?"
  6. What was Abraham's response to Isaac's question?

    a) "I don't know."
    b) "God will provide for himself the lamb."
    c) "We will find one on the way."
    d) "Let's keep walking."
  7. What did Abraham do when they reached the place God had told him about?

    a) He built an altar and arranged the wood on it
    b) He prayed and fasted
    c) He sent his servants away
    d) He wept and mourned
  8. What stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac?

    a) Isaac's pleas
    b) His own doubt
    c) An angel of the Lord
    d) A servant's intervention
  9. What did Abraham sacrifice instead of Isaac?

    a) A dove
    b) A young goat
    c) A bull
    d) A ram
  10. What did God promise Abraham after he showed his faithfulness?

    a) Great wealth
    b) Numerous descendants and blessings
    c) Long life and health
    d) Victory over all enemies

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